Your business deserves the best consultants to guide your success when trading globally. We build your global supply chain competitive advantage through standardized and optimized process design, rigorous global trade compliance controls that protect your freedom to operate, supplier innovation & performance, and talent development.

FerniaCreek LLC is a global supply chain consulting group based in Jefferson City, Missouri. FerniaCreek enables companies of all sizes to advance their international supply chain & delivery capability, improve freedom to operate, identify & enable innovative suppliers and talent that sustains competitive advantage. When it comes to operating global supply chains, businesses drive their supply chains into a higher form of complexity given the dynamic and complex nature of trade compliance regulations, trading partners & suppliers, long lead times, financial & operating risk, and above all...the supply chain & talent competency needed to achieve success. Knowing what you need to know, acting on it timely, collaborating swiftly & accurately, and protecting your business with appropriate policy and controls leads to competitive advantage. FerniaCreek LLC, a global supply chain consulting group, is here to help you achieve your goals. We are here to help you as your trusted partner when operating globally.


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Mark Baxa is the President & CEO of FerniaCreek LLC. He brings 37 years of Fortune 500 experience principally in supply chain leadership roles.


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