Supplier RFP / Onboarding / Performance Management (SRM)

1 RFP, 3 bids, 1 selection and we’re done. If it feels like your team’s approach to sourcing logistics capability begins and ends like that, we can help you. There is much to do in this important supply chain segment. So much, in fact, that this is often the hidden advantage or disadvantage to your ability to win in the global supply chain space. And, often a hidden downside to your business when it comes to global trade compliance and adhering to compliance requirements. I am in no way saying that suppliers are not compliant. Quite the contrary as a many can help you achieve your goals. I am saying that your ability to effectively operate a global supply chain comes from value-added supplier partnerships and relationships that must be managed well after the RFP is completed. FerniaCreek is able to help you establish supplier governance and performance management in the logistics, 3PL, Broker and manufacturing space.



Getting Started

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