International Trade Policy & Compliance

It’s all about Company Governance and Reasonable Care. There is much to learn about and ensure that your company and its employees, contractors and suppliers have the right processes, policies and procedures in place when trading globally. This is especially true of your Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders when acting on your behalf with government officials globally. Plain and simple. From trade finance, classification, valuation, anti-corruption, tariff shift, license determination to documentation to policy to duty drawback management to process alignment…Although very complex in nature, FerniaCreek can help you evaluate current processes, policies and standard operating procedures and build or enhance where gaps may exist. We begin our partnership by using an extensive model that evaluates your company’s current state of global trade export and import operations & compliance globally. We want to understand you and your company first and foremost. Then apply that to how we will address the global – regional – country requirements lifting your ability to adhere to those requirements. Our business model incorporates baseline requirements and best practice development to ensure your company learns what it takes to lead in this very important supply chain segment. FerniaCreek will also evaluate organization performance through assessments and internal audits. Oh, and just a little food for thought…it is your adherence to the requirements that matters most and the care which you apply to the process…but what is equally important to note here is that most export and import government agencies can track your behaviors today through digitally based customs and export control software systems! My free advice here…don’t postpone that which you ought to do now. You will add speed to your supply chain by getting this right.



Getting Started

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