Global Trade Automation/Digitization

The ability to effectively implement a digital global trade & compliance solution is directly proportional to the organization’s ability to operate under standardized business processes and practices. No IT systems-based solution, no matter how glamorous and cool they may be, will solve your business process miss-alignment problems. Unless, of course, you have an open checkbook to pay for your project team to undo broken business processes while they also work to implement the IT base solution! I’m personally and forever aware how challenging such an implementation can be when attempting to digitize most internal and external global trade business processes. Yet, so very rewarding on a number of levels. FerniaCreek will help you recognize and prepare for your next digitization project right down to the supplier selection process, including evaluating organizational readiness & capability. From event management, control tower, to restricted party screening to automating your order to delivery or even cash processes, FerniaCreek is prepared to help you succeed.



Getting Started

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