As President & CEO, Mark brings 37 years of Fortune 500 experience principally in supply chain leadership roles.

In addition; Mark developed, leads and instructs the advanced St. Louis University Center of Supply Chain Excellence International Supply Chain and Trade Compliance certificate program, Board Member for several NGOs, and is a subject matter trainer, and conference keynote speaker globally. Mark believes the opportunity to share his leadership, insights and functional experience offers you and your staff the ability to lift your company to new performance levels across your international supply chain. And doing so while protecting your freedom to operate. It is certainly valuable to hire a firm to share knowledge and insights into developing a compliant export and import business model. That’s a given… But when you have someone coaching you and your team that understands how to build out a reliable and productive international supply chain, organize it, staff it, and enable it to accelerate performance…that’s rare. No, actually, that is why you need Mark and his team by your side.

With his deep, globally established supply chain networks and leadership experience in strategically developing supply chain processes, policy and procedures and the organizations to support it, while also creating, developing and leading one of the most extensive international trade digitization projects and possessing extensive supplier relationships…it all adds up to the Mark Baxa and FerniaCreek capability you need in your organization. Mark has organized FerniaCreek LLC with strategic partners who are stated experts and digitization leaders in the Global Trade Operations, Supply Chain and Systems space that support a high value, managed cost opportunity for your business to accelerate its performance.

Mark is a 20 year member and leader with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) presently serving as officer and 2019 Chairman of the Board, is a member of the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA), and co-founded the St. Louis Compliance Practitioners Round Table. He was recently inducted into the DC Velocity 2018 Supply Chain and Logistics Rainmakers.

Since founding FerniaCreek LLC April of 2018, the company has acquired an impressive list of clients who are realizing the benefits of working with Mark and his team.

For more background on Mark and his career, visit him on LinkedIn.

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