Global Supply Process Standardization & Optimization

Compliance...that thing that gums up your supply chain time and time again. Many organizations recognize when bottlenecks occur, preventing effective movement of trade globally, as a compliance related constraint. In the haste of attempting to resolve compliance-based constraints, often due to a lack of knowledge and communication, compliance gets the blame. Compliance with import and export regulations is vital. However; much to leadership’s surprise, often the root cause is found to be the business process itself where compliance is a piece of the big picture. Taking a look at the material flows and the functional alignment that exists and then looking at a means to implement a cleaner, more efficient model often reduces significant process cost and saves customer relationships before they go bad. Not to mention achieving your financial goals. FerniaCreek applies business models and process flow methodologies to your business that uncovers non-value-added complexity that in turn gets your organization on its way to creating competitive advantage.



Getting Started

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